Hooray, we’re here! At our dream is to let the people’s voice be heard, and to enable interaction between the public and their heroes. Today we take a big step forward with this mission, as we are proudly launching our Q&A network to the public!

So what’s it in for you? Over the last few months we’ve crafted a unique crowd-interviewing network that aims to change the way we interact on social media: no more one-sided communication! We’ve laid the groundwork to create an ask-me-anything platform for everyone; a place for you to ask the people you admire (celebrities, experts, thought leaders…) the things you’ve always wanted to know.

Questions and answers are civilization’s most tried and tested social discovery tool – now even stronger with the power of the crowd. Ask your heroes questions, join forces with others, and we’ll get you your answers.

We are now live at – with iOS and Android apps coming soon!

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