Professor of Economics at Stanford University and Nobel Prize winner Alvin E. Roth is already answering questions on Expert in game theory, market design and experimental economics, Roth is known for applying economic theory to the creation of solutions to real world problems. Want to know more? Ask him anything here at

Roth was awarded the 2012 Nobel Prize in Economics for his work in market design, which in Roth’s own words is “to understand how markets and marketplaces work, and how they fail, so we can fix them when they’re broken”. Some of his most notable work has involved finding the optimal way for matching doctors with hospitals, school pupils with schools, and organ donors with patients.

Ask Alvin E. Roth Anything

At a fascinating intersection of theory and practice, Roth’s work opens up many questions. And now is your chance to ask them. Whether you want to know if Roth’s work could be applied to your own example, you want him to unpack his theories, or if you want to know which classes he loves teaching and what he does for fun, the platform is yours. Head to and ask away.

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