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Evolutionary biologist, author and activist Richard Dawkins is no stranger to public forums of debate. The global face of atheism and a prominent thinker in the field of evolution, he has written 13 books, most notably The Selfish Gene, The Blind Watchmaker, and The God Delusion. His position and arguments are often attributed with a degree of controversy, which he has largely embraced.

Now is the time for you to pose your best questions to Dawkins. With the launch of, the site that lets you ask the people you admire the things you’ve always wanted to know, curious people around the world can get closer to the people that matter to them. Want Richard to unpack the gene-centered theory of evolution? Or to answer your theory of God’s existence? Or do you simply want to know his favorite restaurants? Ask away, upvote other questions, and we’ll pass the best ones onto Dawkins on your behalf. is a social Q&A network that trades on valuable and respectful dialogue through questions and answers. It was created as a response to the often one-sided and shallow nature of existing social networking interactions.

Head over to and join the Richard Dawkins crowd-interview.

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